Friday, December 12, 2008

tagged by kuteng

i've been tagged by kuteng da brkurun da...but x bkesempatan nk wat..sowi teng~~~
so...this is it>>

The last person to tag you is?
- kuteng a.k.a izzuddin~~

Your 5 impression towards him.
- bijak
- Pandai
- intelligent
- smart
- genius
(aik???bkn same ke meaning sume neh??haha>>>its true!!!x tipoo~~)

The most memorable thing he had done to you.
- being my best homeroom mate ever~~
well,kuteng kn student ksygan mama wiwi..haha
(teng,ingt lg mama wiwi??haha)

If he become your lover, you will...
- hhmmm...not sure...prefer to be his friend 4ever>>he's a good friend!!

If he becomes your enemy, you will..
- kill him..then,curik his brain>>haha~~pas2 ak jd bijak cam de gak..haha

If he become your lover..he should need to improve on..
- .......

If he becomes your enemy..the reason is..
- as i said earlier,he's too genius~~i cant face that..hehe

How do you think people around you think about you?
- doesnt matter~~depends on each individual oppinions..

The character of yourself is..
- sederhana..itu yg terbaek
(ayat skema x bleh la kn??)

The most ideal person you want to be is..
- i wanna be myself n just myself>>

For the person who care or like you, say something to them.
- luv you.muaahhhxx!!

10 people to tag:
1- sara atika
2- ejat
3- sy.sara
4- nadea
5- deebo
6- mardi
7- anis
8- ateh
9- radzi
10- arep

Who is #2 having relationship with?
- i believed she's deeply in love with the vampire from twilight>>edward cullen??

Is #3 is a male or female?
- obviously a female..a beautiful one too..

#7 and #10 would be a good thing?
- no.7 is anis which is a is arep which is also a guy>>
now,u tell me..would it be a good thing???

How about #5 and #8?
- no.5 is deebo which a is ateh which is also a girl>>
sama sperti diatas...haha...

What is #1 studying?
- utp..studying chem eng~~

When was the last time you had a chat with them..
- 10 minutes ago??

Is #4 single?
- nope>>i believed she's happy with her bf

Talk something about #2.
- the best bestfriend ever~~hottie..haha

One word to describe #9
- lme x contact ngn de da act..hhmmm,very dedicated to his works i guess~~


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-kuteng- said...

mama wiwi ye..
mama wiwi aku..
mama wiwi ko gak..