Thursday, May 27, 2010

today is my second day as a clinical student. 
feelings?? sad.frustrated.worried.jealous
when everybody else is busy going ward round with their respective doctors, 
im finding myself alone in my room learning how to calculate EDD (expected date of delivery) by myself. 
my precious gratitude to mr. hutchinson. 
but still confuse and dont really understand. while others can learn within 5 minutes with their doctors.

ONG (obstetrics and gynaecology) posting should be the most interesting and the one that i anticipate a lot but it turn out s**ks during my basic clinic session. still anticipate though for the real ONG posting. 
honestly, i'd definitely choose to be scold by the specialist rather studying alone in my room. 
well, cant really blame my doctor for being busy, she's a specialist. but for whatever reasons, the other group doctors which i believe must be specialist also can actually spend their precious time and bring their group to their own ward rounds.

now, can you guys understand why i am sad.frustrated.worried.jealous?

im studying hard for internal medicine and surgery posting though. hoping next week will be a great week for me =)


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