Friday, August 6, 2010

being senior doesnt give you a ticket to be rude to your junior

something happen during wardround this morning that truly opened up my eyes

everybody knows, in ONG a bed will be covered by at least a 3rd year student and a 5th year student
and when it comes to presenting the case in from of the consultant and the specialist during wardrounds
its either of these two people will be presenting and the one who are not presenting is ought to stand besides the presenter and help him/her if he/she stucks somewhere in the middle of the bedside presentation

this is what happen this morning
as soon as the specialist came, 

3rd year : my patient, mdm ****, 26 years old, primigravida presented with 
latent phase of labour at EDD + 20 days

specialist: 20 days??

3rd year: ohh??

5th year: 2 days la!! [ emphasizing with annoying voice]

3rd year: ohh...sorry..EDD + 2 days

5th year: [grab the paper from the 3rd year student and rudely said] 
meh la akak present!!!

and she continued presenting the case..

that 5th year student might not realize that she was being rude to the fellow 3rd year student
as i saw her laughing right after the presentation
that 3rd year student might not feel offended by that 5th year action towards her
as she looked completely fine after that

but for me who was watching the scene
felt that the 5th year senior was rude towards her junior
i am annoyed to death by her action
rase macam nk ketok2 je kepala die and ask her to apologize

pakai jubah, bertudung laboh yet doesnt have good manner
i am not stereotyping anyone here
for a person who dress decently like a very religious person
i think highly of this kind of person
and acting rude that way opened my eyes 
and sorry to say that
i am no longer have respect towards her

moral of the story: respect everyone would you?? 
regardless who they are..lecturers, seniors, juniors etc.



n_myza said...

d same scenario happen in every posting... u just hv to bear wif it my dear... d sad thing is dat d person dat doing it were from our own ppl

nadhira khairudin said...

over sey kakak tuh..
knapela kte tdo pa blik short case
kalau x,bole gosip dlu b4 ira blik...
huhuhu... =D

MyOwNwOrLd said...

tau xpe..
blk neh kte gossip okay!