Saturday, May 7, 2011


last wedsnesday, i think i promised mizah to post this up but eventually forgot bout it. luckily it just suddenly came up in my mind, thus im writing it now.

last wedsnesday was the happiest day on earth for all medical students of UKM. why? we woke up in the morning just to know that JPA money for the semester is in the our account already. so, mizah and me, right after completing our elective volunteering work in sentul, we went to time square kinda to celebrate the day of getting the money from government once again. haha..eventually, we didnt buy anything and just spent our money on eating chips and popcorns. and we watched movie of course. 

decided to watch THOR but the timing wasnt right so we decided to watch malay movie called 'SERU' instead...wait..what?? malay movie?? really? that was exactly mizah's reaction after i suggested it to her. well, i accidentally watched the making of on astro and it seems quite okay. just so you know, i have no problem at all against watching malay movies in cinema. i watched 'jangan pandang belakang', 'jangan tegur', 'cinta', 'sepi' and guess what 'khurafat' as well. most of it of course horror movies, cause i find it more interesting to watch horror movies at cinema rather than downloading it to my lappie. you know the feeling when no one is seating besides you in the hall and the ghost come out...haha

back to 'SERU', seriously people if you guys still wondering why malaysians reluctant to support malay movie. i must this is the perfect example of showing you why. the weird storyline, the super annoying actor and actress, all of it seems out of place. even in first 10 minutes, me and my friend was laughing all the way despite the scene of a girl being possessed by the ghost. they were shouting "mengucap2x", then the other guy was like "astaghfirullah2x"...seriously, do they even know the difference between mengucap and istighfar? and through out 2 hours of the movie, there were not even a single quranic verse being recite. it is a movie made by malay people, starring by all malay actors and actresses, obviously all of them are muslims right? then, doesnt it seems weird that no one in the story even tried to recite any quranic verse or even hold up their hands and pray to god while the ghost was killing everybody in the movie? oohh yes, everybody was killed in the movie even the hero.

but thanks to anwarhadi, i decided not to waste my RM7 and 2 hours of my life just give to negative comments. if i were to be optimistic, i would say it is a unique movie, the camera especially (they did not use the typical third party view, but they give the feeling of viewers are the one holding the camera, if you get what i mean). and the hero is quite good and cute as well =)

so mizah, there you go!
da macam wat movie review pulak dah 



n_myza said...

baiklah OPTIMiSTic!!! hero hensem!!! *gle x ikhlas hahaha*
trauma ak 1st time tgk cte melayu - hopefully 2nd movie going to be better laa :)

Maryam H said...

bahhaaahhaha seyes klaka korang ni. :') SERU? bg free pn teragak-agak nk masok.ops