Monday, September 12, 2011

me and my fellow awesome spine teammates done with our backpain seminar presentation that had been postponed three times already since before raya
people may not realize, but seriously when you are just in the right mood to give your hearts all out and getting all nervous to present your topic in front of the class and the specialist
suddenly, the seminar being cancel
wahhh!! rase cam potong stim je.
damn irritating
and imagine i have been experiencing that for three times

one interesting story today
in the middle of me presenting my part in the seminar

mr A: wait..dulu sekolah mane?
me: err..MRSM?
mr A: patutla..
me and the rest of the students: huh?
mr A: no. you are just like a typical boarding school students. they tend to speak english in accent, especially the girls. but the grammar is haywire.i dont understand.
(mr A and the whole class laughing)

i was like what??
ape salah saya budak MRSM?
but i do admit my grammar is haywire
but sesungguhnya mr A
i am NOT making up my accent
it is just something that come out from my vocal chord without me realizing



MARDI MY said...

ouch! that kinda hurt~

what exactly typical boarding school he is talkin' bout? hmmm.. stereotype tuuuu

MyOwNwOrLd said...

he did not say it in sarcastic way
he pretty much said it in a joke manner..

but totally streotyping kn..
haha.i like him still


MARDI MY said...

sy da tuka address baru :)