Friday, September 23, 2011

.late night scribble.

two o'clock in the morning and i cant sleep
despite having a lecture at 7am tomorrow morning means i have to walk out from my room at least at 6.45 am
sharp at twelve i already preparing to sleep on my bed, turned off the light, wore my precious night time cardigan because i have no blanket to use since i have sent it home to my mom to wash it last week..ok pemalas nk basuh sendiri..kantoi
suddenly my stomach growling, terpaksa la makan
then after makan, mane boleh baring terus, thus i tak boleh tido balik la

since, the final exam is just 3 weeks away from now, decided to finally open up the past years exam questions to try out some questions. boring. then, did some blog walking. reading people thoughts and predicting their behaviour always been one of my hobbies. back in those days when i have pleasure free time, i love to sit alone in cafe sipping hot coffee at shopping mall doing the same thing. but obviously i do not have that privilege of time anymore, thus blog walking comes in. aware or not, those people who writes taught me a lot. the good things and vice versa.

what i write reflects what kind of person i am. and because of that, writing is definitely a work that i seriously put caution in. more important, when the writings are being publish for world to read. some just do not aware of that. me myself had done a lot of stupid posts back in the years i first started blogging, but people grow up and mature. maturity. how you write shows level of your maturity. and a post with tons of rude and inappropriate words will definitely put you down the level. 

there is nothing wrong to write what you feels, how angry you are, how happy you are, how sad you are, how depressed you are. this is all about manner. if talking to people needs certain level of mannerism, what makes you thinks that writing does not? i might not be the person with the best manner, but at least i know my limitations.

i pissed off everytime i go shopping, want to pay my stuff at the counter, smiles widely to the cashier and she does not smiles at me in return. 
i pissed off everytime i accidently bump to people, i apologize but that particular person does not even look at my face. 
i pissed off everytime i see another student disturbing seriously ill patients on ventilator in the ward and still wanting to do physical examination on them. 
i pissed off everytime any of my groupmate does not come for teaching or lecture , and we who are present being scolded by the doctor because she is not coming. 

yup. i got pissed off easily and everyday. but you do not see me not smiling and writing silly rude things on my blog didnt you? everything got its limitation, same goes for blogging. 

.just an opinion.
.back to studying, might not be sleeping tonight.
.and yes, sorry for the broken english.