Friday, September 3, 2010

if you ever notice 
i never mention any names inside any of my post
this is what i call confidentiality okey

i am writing bout things that happen in my life 
and thats definitely include a lots of people around me
i do not simply write any names for a reason
im trying my best to avoid misunderstanding

i am voicing out my opinion and feelings
and i do not expect for everybody to agree with it

for people who are close enough to me
i guess you can actually figure out who am i talking about

but please

before actually revealing the names in my comment box
could you actually think the consequences first

i do not want to ruin any of my friendship with any of my friend
and dont you ever think that 'he' might read my blog?


1 comment:

kuteng said...

add some rhymy words and this post can be an awesome poem..haha

p/s: argh knape ak x usha comments lol