Tuesday, October 12, 2010



its been empty for four years already
shitty if i said i am truly fine with it
cause i am not

being dumped
got a girlfriend again

he is lucky

god really makes it easy for some person
not me

i am starting to sound desperate 
aint i?


.you know what.
i moved on
i am gonna let it empty
until the perfect one and only knocks the door

only the god knows who 

only the god knows when

final exam in two weeks time

.stress makes me mellow.



~ f Z a h ~ said...

haha its ok ira.
jom buat group for singles~~

entry ni kene bace dgn nada sedih or geram??


MyOwNwOrLd said...

sila bace dgn nada yg terlebey excited!!!

Anonymous said...

azam lg? haha enough la iera.. die dh jumpe da rite one la..one more thing "combined blog" yg u post dkt fb tu..tu obvious la..kalau x suke bace just move on..x pakse ok..

MyOwNwOrLd said...

to anon:

u know what??
you obviously dont understand what im trying to convey before this about dont mention people's name eventhough u know who's im talking about?is my english so hard to understand? im pretty much sure im using just the basic english which everybody who learn english even once in primary school can understand.and about azam..u know what..i once liked him and now he is a friend of mine.im glad he found a great girl for himself and thats the message im trying to convey here. is there even me mention any disgrace towards him or his girlfriend??ade ak kutok2 diorg?? NO!! what i said in my post was he is lucky and god really makes it easy for him. but difficult for me to find my right guy.is there even any curse words in my post?? i never write any disgracing words to people.
and dont you understand that i've mention 'i moved on'??? I MOVED ON for god sake!and about the combine blog..haha..someone sent me the link and its annoying.and did i ever about their blog? i dont even know that they have that kind of blog.i have bunch of friends okay. do you really think my life just revolves around that couple?
im pretty much sure im not a LOSER.
and just fyi, i have no whatsoever problem with his new gf.and she is cute by the way.and lastly, as you said about 'kalau x suke bace just move on..x pakse ok..' ,thats apply to you too. i dont know why you suke sgt backup2 that friend of yours.you are his guardian angle ke ape? unless you are actually that guy and terasa by reading my blog post and then too shy comment bravely thus cowardly goes by the name of ANONYMOUS.